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Children in Need Friday 17th

Cakes, biscuits and raffle tickets on sale all week.  Raffle draw will take place on Thursday 16th.


Forest Days

Monday 6th

Tuesday 14th

Wednesday 22nd

Thursday 30th

Wednesday 6th - Start of term 1

Monday 25th - Accompanied play sessions begin


Week commencing 3 Jul - Mrs Chester and Mrs Smith


Forest Days

Friday 7th

Monday 10th



Tuesday 18th 1.30pm


Last day of term

Thursday 20th - Finishing at 2pm

Forest Days

Monday 5th

Tuesday 13th

Wednesday 21st

Thursday 29th


Wednesday 14th - 10am


w/c 26th - Mrs Vine, Mrs Carlile and Mrs Humphries

Monday 1st - Closed for bank holiday

Forest Days

Tuesday 2nd

Wednesday 10th

Thursday 18th

Friday 26th

In term 6 the first forest day will be Monday 5th June


Last day of term - Friday 26th

Forest Days

Thursday 20th

Friday 28th

Forest days

Wednesday 1st

Thursday 9th

Friday 17th

Monday 20th

Wednesday 29th


Coffee Morning - Friday 10th

Easter Raffle - Wednesday 29th

Easter Egg Hunt - Wednesday 29th pm

Week commencing 6th - Consultations for new children

Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th incl - holiday club

Friday 10th - Last day of term

Monday 20th - Term 4

Forest day

Tuesday 21st

Thursday 5th - Term 3

Outside Day

Thursday 8th

Friday 16th


Friday 16th - Christmas jumper day

Tuesday 20th - Christmas party 1-3.30pm

Christmas raffle


Wednesday 21st - Last day of Term  2pm finish

Outside Days

Wednesday 2nd

Thursday 10th

Monday 14th

Tuesday 22nd

Wednesday 30th

Nursery Rhyme Day

Dressing up day - Friday 11th

Children In Need

Friday 18th - Children can dress up

Forest days:

Friday 7th

Monday 10th

Tuesday 17th

Parent Consultations:

Week commencing 10th - Mrs Vine, Mrs Carlile and Mrs Humphries

Week commencing 17th - Mrs Chester and Mrs Smith

Last day of term

Friday 21st

Holiday Club

Monday 24th, Tuesday 25th and Wednesday 26th

Monday 7th - Term 1 start

Wednesday 21st - Forest day

Thursday 29th - Forest day

Quick Contact Details

01634 231425

Opening times :
Three year olds

9am to 11.30 & 12.30 to 3pm
Two year olds
9.15 to 11.45 & 12.30 to 3pm
Monday to Friday (Term time only)
Lunch club available daily

Free accompanied play

Free accompanied play sessions for 2 year olds registered with us